about Amelia and me

 Amelia Kringel is my great -
The above photo shows Amelia as a young girl. 
At the age of 11, she made the trek from 
Denmark to the US- alone, where she 
met family members and began her life in this country.

She married the love of her life,

Julius Martin Kringel.
This photo is their wedding photo and she wears
her handmade wedding dress, 
which she made herself, naturally

They homesteaded in the midwest and started their family.
  They passed along the love of doing a job well and with beauty.
It is said that she made the most beautiful soap in the county.
Her handwork was of the highest quality and is still
treasured by her descendants today.
Her quilts are a work of art.

Her handwork has been passed lovingly from one generation to another.

In the family tradition, 
my mother told me I could have all the clothes I wanted. 
She then gave me my first sewing machine 
and an account at the local fabric store.
I in turn did the same for my daughter, 
who not only can ride a horse but can sew her clothes
and also won the county 4 H championship in
Cake Decorating.

We continue the tradition of making our home welcoming to guests and comforting to family members, making new memories, 
as we finish our 100 year old barn- our home.
We invite you to join us 
on our never ending journey, 
and to share yours with us.