Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting the Herb Garden seeds

The herb garden is very important for many reasons. The use of fresh herbs in your cooking and baking cannot be surpassed by anything else. A walk through the herb garden is a delight to the senses. They also are beautiful as each plant products its own lovely stalks, stems, leaves and color--so much color.

This is the time of year I start my seeds. I am fortunate to have a greenhouse, but sometimes start them indoors during an especially cold winter/spring season.

This is how I start my seeds. Please feel free to share how your start yours.

Purchase a seed starting tray that consists of three sections: the base, the pot insert, and the clear dome which helps keep moisture and warmth in the tray.

You may purchase a ready made seed starting mixture or make your own. The following is the recipe I use- simple and it works.

For each tray mix: 6 cups vermiculite
6 cups perlite
6 cups peat moss

Mix and fill the seed starter section. Plant seeds according to the instructions on the seed packet. Use a mister filled with water to gently spray the tops of the seeds in the planting mixture. Cover and watch carefully. Keep in a warm, well lit space and give them the attention they deserve. They will reward you later when you transplant them outside---be sure to harder them first but more on that later.

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