Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The New Harp!!! And she is named Amelia!!!

Our trip into Chicago last week to pick up dear daughter's new Harp! Traffic wasn't terrible and the day was mostly sunny, although it is hard to see it in this picture.

Lyon and Healy is in a lovely 100 year old factory. The quality of the materials was spectacular! The wood was incredible as were the brick walls. It was an old beautiful building.

My daughter walked through the harps that had been built and looked for hers. She had gone to Lyon and Healy a short while back and tested the three that had been built of her model. She is sure she chose the harp with the best sound. Each harp is lovingly made by hand with old world skill and craftsmanship. They are beautiful!

Dear daughter stands beside her new harp which she has decided to name Amelia. Her great great grandmother continues to have a kind and loving influence on the generations that have followed her. Naming the harp Amelia is a fine tribute to a wonderful woman.

And another journey begins for Annie and Amelia.



  1. Congratulations on the new harp! (And a safe trip.) They look like they belong together!

  2. How exciting for Annie! Her harp is gorgeous!!